Best Social Media Management Tools to rock your business like a boss

Let’s be real for a minute.


Social Media is a ton of work! It requires constant attention.  Creating content, researching, engaging, keeping up with platform and algorithm changes, it’s enough to make you crazy.   You know it, I know it.  So how are you supposed to keep on top of it all when you have a business to run? (other than hiring me to do it for you I mean😉) 


The answer is with some amazing social media management and productivity tools!   The following is the list of my favorite tools to help you manage your social media like a boss.


Best social media management tools for your business


Social Media Schedulers

If you want to be on top of all your social media accounts for your business and still have a life then you are definitely going to want to utilize schedulers.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with scheduling out your posts and, in fact, I highly recommend it.  But there are so many options out there it’s hard to know where to begin.  The following are the ones that I use for all of mine and my clients’ accounts.



Planoly is an amazing scheduler for Instagram.  If you need to visually see your feed to plan it out then you won’t be disappointed with Planoly’s interface.  It’s intuitive and pretty.  They make it easy to add your pictures with their ability to drag and drop multiple pics right into your planner.  The hashtag feature is a dream.  Not only can you research hashtags as you add them into your description but you can save them into groups for use in other posts.

There is the ability to geotag your pics and tag up to 20 users.  For all those people out there who are constantly wondering how to post IG descriptions with spaces, Planoly will do that for you too.  No need to add a million dots to separate your description from your hashtags.   Bonus, the customer service is great.

There are some cons though.  The analytics are just OK so if you want something truly in depth then this is not where you are going to get it.  The discover feature is a little clunky, it’s not a great way to find curated content.  Which obviously only matters if you use curated content for your feed.  There is no option for posting hashtags in the first comment.  Lastly, it can get expensive depending on how many accounts you manage.  They do have the ability to post to stories but I don’t love the interface.


This is the other Instagram scheduler I use on the daily. It lets you schedule single pics, multiple at a time, galleries and stories.  You can schedule specific times into a monthly planner and as you add content it will be auto-filled into your schedule.  This is great if you are not obsessed with the actual look of the grid, meaning you need your pictures to post in a specific order.

One of my favorite features on Onlypult, well actually one of my two favorites, is that it will post your hashtags in the first comment for you as opposed to the description.  This is one of those personal preference things, I like it when the description isn’t crowded with hashtags.  Another great feature is the ability to follow specific users to check out their content.  You can use it for market research, for curating content or for monitoring your competitors.

Reposting happens right from the program, with the repost tag or without, and you can search via specific users or hashtags.  The ultimate best part is the analytics though.  It monitors which hashtags are getting you the most interactions and what time of day/which days are the best to post on as well as tracking your follower growth.

There is a big update planned soon for the whole interface so I will be back to update this post as soon as I play around with it a little.

Facebook Native Scheduler

I know you were probably expecting a fancy scheduler to help with your Facebook posts but in reality, the Facebook scheduler is pretty awesome and gets bonus points because using it won’t affect your reach.  Its super simple to use and you can schedule your posts far in advance.


Buffer is a decent go to for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter scheduling.  It also does Instagram and Pinterest but I prefer the other ones I mentioned for these platforms.  Buffer is simple to use and you can schedule to all your accounts at the same time or individually.  You can also upload a link or picture and individualize the message for each platform.   There is the ability to re-buffer your content so that it posts multiple times and you are able to change the message for each post. Buffer also has the Power Scheduler, which is part of the Buffer Browser Extension, that does allow you to schedule a post multiple times.  A decent choice if you want to be able to do multiple sites from one place.



I use and LOVE Tailwind for Pinterest.  There are so many amazing features to take advantage of.  Like tribes and smart loop and insights.  I require my Pinterest clients to sign up for Tailwind.  That’s how much I believe in it.  You can schedule your pins months in advance if you so choose.  I have a whole post dedicated to a more in-depth description of Tailwind features.
Tailwind also does Instagram scheduling and has a hashtag tool but again, I prefer the ones I mentioned above.


Cloud-Based Storage:


I have had dropbox forever with no plans to ever not have it.  For one thing, it automatically backs up all of my photos on my phone so I would keep it forever just for that.  But also it’s super easy to set up folders for clients and have them send over whatever assets they have.  It integrates with your computer and phone so you will always have access to everything.  There is both a free and paid version, you get more storage with the paid obviously but the free is nothing to be mad about.

Google Drive

This is another awesome cloud-based storage service, and like any cloud storage service, its main purpose is to expand your ability to store files beyond the limits of your hard drive or physical device.  The G-suite gives you the ability to share calendars with clients or anyone you work with, custom email addresses, and collaborate in real time on documents, spreadsheets,  and presentations.  Also, the free version is perfect.




Evernote is a mobile and desktop app designed for note taking, organizing, task lists, and archiving.  I use it for everything.  You can organize all your notes into notebooks which is what I do to keep different clients or accounts organized in one place.  Its great for a quick note if I am out and about and have an idea pop into my head.  It syncs across all devices so I always have access to it.
The notes are completely formattable.   I make my to-do lists in it with checkable boxes and keep it open on the side of my screen.  I love this little feature.  There is also the option to use the templates that they have.  Everything from goal setting to budgets to brain dumps.  All of my social media content calendars are in my Evernote and shareable.  The features are pretty awesome for productivity.  It’s one of my most utilized apps.  In fact, I am typing up this blog post in it right now.
You can drag and drop photos, articles clippings, and videos right into your note to keep them all in one place.  You can upload directly from google drive or add attachments from your computer.  There is also the ability to record audio in your note so if you don’t have time to type or you are driving, you can record your thoughts directly in your notes.  The same goes for taking a picture using your device’s camera which will be directly added into your note.


This is a lifesaver if you have issues with remembering all the passwords to every site that you are on (like I do).  The bonus is if you have clients for any reason and need passwords they can share with you through here without actually giving you their login information.


Graphic Design


Need graphics but don’t have time or money to invest in Photoshop?  No problem!  Canva is an awesome web-based graphics editing program.   It’s great for quick and dirty graphics for your social media, presentations, websites.  It comes with hundreds of done-for-you templates.  So no worries if you want fancy looking graphics but graphic design isn’t really your thing.  You can search for stock photos or illustrations directly in the program, both free and paid, and also have the ability to drag and drop your own.  When you are editing a design there is the ability to copy the whole design and make multiple versions on the same screen and then download them all together.  All of your versions are auto-saved to your design files.  You can then organize them into folders, i.e. clients or projects.  One of the best features is the ability to save your brand’s colors, fonts and logo for easy access when you are designing.  It is available on desktop and as an app.  There is a free version but I use the Canva for Work which is $12.95/mo and worth it IMO.


This is another web-based graphic design program that I use.  In terms of actual design, it definitely has more features than canva, but it is not as simple.  Picmonkey is like photoshop x-lite.   With it, you have the ability to edit photos and also do some graphic design.  It has an easy to use layering feature which Canva lacks.   You can upload your own overlays and fonts and the actual design tools are much more in-depth then canva offers.   I use both of these programs equally depending on what I am doing.   So I wouldn’t rate one program above another, I would say it depends on your specific needs. You will also have access to a ton of templates to help spark your creativity.   Picmonkey does have an app version but I have never used it so I can’t speak to its functionality.


Filmora 9

Filmora is a great program for beginner, novice and casual video editors.  It’s intuitive and has a ton of really fun features you can play around with.
It doesn’t matter if you have never edited a video before, anyone can learn to use this software.  So even if you’re a complete beginner you can create amazing videos with this.    Plus there are a ton of how to videos on Youtube if you ever get stuck. It is only for a PC or Mac (no app) and it’s a program you download. You will be able to add in titles, fun transitions, and audio tracks.  Everything you can think of as a new video editor.  You can work in it for free but will need to pay if you want to export anything.  So it’s really only free to learn it.  Otherwise, you must pay.


In Shot:

For the video and pic editor on the go.  In shot is an amazing app for quick editing of videos on your phone.  You can add stickers, speed up or slow down the video, add a text overlay, add music or sound effects, or add filter effects.   Perfect for making quick little videos for your social media.


A very easy app to use if you want to make quick quote pics or titles for IG or FB.  Simple and fast to use and you can post right from the app if you so choose.


Stock Photos:

If you are doing any kind of graphic design then these free stock photo sites are about to become your best friends.  These all have free to use stock photos.  But beware that everyone will be sourcing from the same pool of free assets so you may want to spring for iStock or Shutterstock.


Chrome Extensions

If you aren’t using chrome extensions then you are clearly missing out.  They Are Awesome! Watch out though because they can slow things down a bit if you have too many running.  There are a ton of awesome extensions out there so go take a look around and see what you can find.  These are just a few that I use all the time.

Tailwind Ext:  This one is great for helping to schedule literally anything from any website essentially.  I wouldn’t recommend scheduling everything from every site (ha!) but it is a major time saver.  Also if you are on Pinterest and click on the tailwind ext you will be able to schedule multiple pins at once.  What!

Grammarly:  For when you want your grammar consistently on point.

Evernote Web Clipper:  The Evernote extension is used to save things you see on the web into your Evernote account.  It has a web clipper that allows you to clip whole or parts of articles, web pages, takes screenshots,  or bookmark the page for later perusal.
Keywords Everywhere:  Keyword research made easy with this awesome free SEO tool!
OneTab:  New discovery on a recommendation that I am 100% in love with.  If you like to have 1 billion tabs open at a time, like me, then this is perfect.  Just click the one tab icon and it converts all your tabs to a list.  Then when you’re ready. you can then access them.

So that’s it.  I hope that this has helped you to narrow down a few of the hundreds of tools available for you that help you with your social media and productivity.  Check them out and let me know what you think in the comments!


  1. instagram management says

    I’m really enjoying the theme/design of your site.
    Do you ever run into any web browser compatibility issues?

    A number of my blog audience have complained about my blog not operating correctly in Explorer but
    looks great in Opera. Do you have any suggestions to help fix this issue?

    • Melissa Rinaldi says

      Thank you! I am sorry but I don’t have any advice about browser compatibility, I mainly deal with Social Media Management. I tend to google any tech questions I have. There are also tons of videos on Youtube that can help with this. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

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