How to Maximize your Pinterest Growth and Productivity

So you want to maximize your Pinterest growth and productivity?

Tailwind is the answer to everything! Well, I mean, not like life or anything, just everything Pinterest.   I am going to explain how using Tailwind is going to help you to grow your followers, reach and increase your daily productivity.

hot to maximize your pinterest growth and productivity


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Tailwind is a Pinterest (and Instagram) scheduling tool that is used to schedule posts, discover new content, monitor any comments, analyze your results and increase your reach.  They are officially approved by Pinterest, one of the very few tools out there that is.  I’m going to take you through the 6 most awesome features that Tailwind provides to help you with your Pinterest growth and productivity.

Top 6 Tailwind Features for Pinterest Growth and Productivity!


1. Optimized Posting

We all know that to be seen on any kind of social media platform (even though Pinterest is more a Visual Search Engine) we need to be posting at the times that people are on in order to increase our visibility.  When you sign up for Tailwind it automatically analyzes your account and provides you with a schedule of your profiles optimized time slots based on when people usually interact with your content.  The more you use Tailwind, the more fine tuned your schedule can get.

Sample Picture os Tailwinds smart scheduling featureYou can also customize this schedule as you see fit.  You can manually add in time slots or take out ones generated for you.  The decision on how many times a day to post is yours as well, you can generate a smart schedule to post 100 times a day or 5. There is the ability to schedule days or even months in advance! It’s all up to you and what works best for your business.

2. Intervals

Screen shot of Tailwind Interval scheduling featureI’m sure we have all seen at one time or another someone posting the same content over and over again in a short amount of time.  You don’t want to be that person.  The result could mean being flagged for spam, reduction in your visibility, and could cause you to lose followers. However, you do want to be posting your content to ALL of your relevant boards.  This is why the interval feature is so awesome.  It allows you to post the same content at set intervals so that it doesn’t come across as spammy and it increases your chances of being seen by different people.  I usually set my interval to post 1 day apart but you can set it to be whatever you want. There are options to add your content into the open time slots, optimized time slots or whatever exact time you choose.

Once you have your intervals set they are locked into place on the schedule.  The option to move them around manually or unlock them is there as well.  This is very helpful with group boards that have specific rules about when and how much you can post.


3. Board Lists

These can be a HUGE time saver.  Let’s be honest, even with a scheduler pinning can take a lot of time.  Especially if you are pinning content to a bunch of different (but relevant) boards.  The board list feature lets you group all of your relevant boards into one list so all you have to do is choose the list you want and it will populate your pin draft with all of those boards.  This way you don’t have to search for and click each one individually.  This is a huge time saver resulting in increased productivity!  If there is a board in the group that your pin isn’t suited for you can easily delete it from your draft by clicking the little X next to it.

The order of the list matters.  The first board in the list is the first board that the pin will be posted to.  Pinterest has made it clear that you need to be posting to your MOST RELEVANT BOARD first.  So remember to take that into consideration when scheduling your pins and making your board lists.

BONUS TIP: You can organize your group boards by rules in your group lists.  Add all the group boards that let you pin 1 time a day together on a list and name it ‘pin 1 time’ or something equally easy.  Then do it for the ones that let you post 3 times a week etc…  This will help you to remember the rules too because it can get overwhelming if you are in a ton of group boards.

4. Shuffle Feature

This may seem like such a small insignificant feature but its seriously one of my favorites.  This allows you to group your curating process! For example you have 10 different recipe boards that you want to post in to fill your schedule.  Vegan, dessert, dinner etc..  The fastest way to do this is to search out and schedule all vegan meals, then dessert, then dinner…you get the point.  But if you did it that way you would have all your desserts pinning in a row.  You would have to manually go in and move them around so they weren’t all posting in one big chunk to the same board.


Sample picture of Tailwinds shuffle feature

The Shuffle feature does exactly what you think it would do.  Click the shuffle queue button and it randomly shuffles the whole queue except for the ones you have already locked into place.  So your optimized first 5 pins that you have locked in will stay where they are and all of your other boards get a little love rather than one big chuck of love at a time.  Make sense?  Huge time saver which definitely will help you maximize your Pinterest growth and productivity.

5. Pin Inspector and Board Insights

Both of these features are super helpful in determining how your boards and pins are doing.  You can drill down into specific pins or boards and see things like their repin, virality scores, engagement rates and when the last time you pinned to a specific board or pinned a specific pin was.

Sample Screenshot of Tailwind's board insights

Virality score: the total number of repins divided by the total number of pins on the board.  The higher the number, the bigger the ratio of shares to pins.

Engagement score: the virality divided by followers.  This measures how engaged your followers are with your content.

Boards need to be active in order to be seen.  That information is readily available in board insights.  You also want to be posting pins with a high engagement rate/repins.  The Pin Inspector lets you check out which of your pins is doing the best and repin it to your group boards or add it to Tribes.

6. Tribes

This is a majorly important feature.  Its like group boards that overdosed on caffeine.  I personally think that this is Tailwind’s best feature.

SCreenshot of Tailwinds tribe feature

You can find tribes in any niche and join.  Some you can join right off the bat and others will require you to email someone and ask them to add you.  They work similar to group boards in that many people contribute their pins to a tribe and you can search through and schedule the pins that are relevant to your boards.  They all have different rules that you will need to follow.  Most are 1:1 ratio, meaning you will repin one pin for every pin you add to the tribe.

You can join up to 5 boards with the basic account and pin up to 30 of your own pins onto the boards but you will have to upgrade if you want more than that.  That is the only bummer.  Though, in my opinion its totally worth it to upgrade.  There is also the ability to start your own tribe and it doesn’t count against the number of tribes you are allowed to join.

screenshot of tailwind tribes

This is a great way to increase your reach and repin count but also to find high quality curated pins for your own boards! In the upper right hand corner of the pins in your tribes you will see a little blue flame with a number next to it.  This is the popularity indicator.  When you hover over it, it will show you how many times it has been shared on Pinterest, Facebook and google+.  Its an amazing way to quickly see which pins are quality and would have the best chance of doing well on your boards.

Tribes are are an brilliant way to increase both your growth and productivity on Pinterest.  They do this by exposing you to new people when tribe members share your content and saving you loads of time in curating content to share to your boards.  Honestly, if Tribes were the only feature available on tailwind I would still pay for it.

Recap: Why Tailwind rocks for Pinterest Growth and Productivity

  1. Amazing at optimizing your scheduled posts.   Saves you from having to wake up at one in morning to post manually because that’s when your audience is active.
  2. Allows you to schedule intervals so you don’t become an unintentional Spammy McSpamster.
  3. Board lists make you more productive by allowing you to post a pin to multiple boards without having to search out and manually click each and every board individually.
  4. Shuffle Queue adds to your productivity by allowing you to curate similar content all at once and then shuffle it on the schedule.
  5. Board and pin insights increase both growth and productivity by giving you all the information you need to make your account a total rock-star.
  6. Tribes = best thing ever.

Let me know if this post helped you understand Tailwind or if you have any questions in the comments!  I would love to chat!  If you have a small business but find Pinterest totally overwhelming I would love to talk to you about my Social Media Services.  I will do all the pinning, designing and scheduling for you!  You can Contact me here.

If you are ready to sign up for a free trial with Tailwind you can go here.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Alexis says

    I just got Tailwind. I’m going to save this post and really go through it and my Tailwind account thoroughly, when I have some more time after work. Thanks for the helpful tips!

  2. Anjali W says

    Thanks for this really informative guide on using pinterest! Being a newbie blogger I really need this. Will incorporate all thee steps to enhance viewership through pinterest.

  3. Denay DeGuzman says

    Melissa, this is such a great Tailwind tutorial! But thank goodness at the Pinterest creator’s event in San Francisco two weeks ago we learned that Pinterest is no longer prioritizing the distribution of the first five pins by UTC time. There was a lot of confusion over “beginning of day,” and a lot of content creators were not pinning their strongest content according to UTC time.

    • Melissa Rinaldi says

      Yes! I literally was just reading about how this is not a thing anymore. How fast things change. lol. I am going to edit my post now. Im so glad they changed it, that was really annoying!

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